The Best Toasters in 2020

There are a lot of choices for toasters, from classic toaster up to the toaster and many additional features. With such a large variety of products it is not easy to select the right one. To simplify the purchasing decision, we tested the best toasters for you. They can also provide an overview of the different functions of the toaster. We also give you an overview of the various manufacturers of toasters. A toaster is actually quite unspectacular, because this term hides nothing more than an electrical device that is used for roasting or even toasting bread. The toaster has exitedabout the end of the 19th century.   The bread used today can here no longer be spoken of white bread, because in the meantime there is toast in various forms and with a variety of ingredients provided, so that even the diet can be made varied with frequent toast enjoyment. But even toasters are today in a variety of styles available, so that hardly remembers anything else to the somewhat monotonous household appliance that has been the toaster in its beginnings. toaster

Today you can not only roast with a toaster but also keeping warm or thawed. They are no longer only for toasts the pockets are wide enough for bagels or English muffins. In addition, different tanning levels can be set.

In addition to an attractive design which features are the most important in the purchase decision. A toaster should have the most important functions. To give you an overview of the functions found in the best toaster, they are listed here:


It now can be distinguished a variety of toasters, in particularly

(1) Flat toaster,

(2) long slot toaster,

(3) double slot toaster,

(4) Multifunctional Toaster and called in so

(5) Toaster Ovens

is differentiated. Basically every toaster its own little special, often already apparent from the name. Just the toaster ovens are very popular, because with them can not just toasted, but also baked or grilled and sometimes even fried are, after all, these are not limited to a toaster, but primarily to a multi-functional kitchen appliance thoroughly before especially in small households can also replace the stove and thereby is much more economical at the same or at least annäherend same services.

Flat Toaster for innovative Toast claim

Flat Toaster are quite well for toasting conventional slices of toast, but they can also be utilized particularly well for Zuebreitung sandwiches. Since due to the flat-lying structures is possible, even to toast a sandwich without the contents falling out of the bread slices, they are depending on the size but also for preparation of pita bread and similar specialties. In this flat toasters are available in various sizes and shapes and can thus be used for both small square slices of bread as well as round slices of bread or even for bread triangles or whole bread Quarter.

Long slot toaster for large slices of bread

Long slot toaster are against particularly suitable for toasting large slices of bread and can therefore be used for the preparation of a so-called American toasts. Of course, here are also different designs available, with the various toasters also differ in the additional functions – are often very abundant – depending on the version of the device. For example, just as bread thawed, be as just toasted or baked or grilled. In any case, most manufacturers perform today but also long slot toaster in their most extensive range, which also also the slot can be varied. Using a controller the slot length can be adjusted to normal length of.

Double slot toaster for the family budget

A double slot toaster is usually the optimal device for a family budget, because here between two and four slices of toast can be prepared in a single operation. In this case, there is the double-slot toaster both in the normal slot version as well as in the long slot version and in a combined form, wherein the length of the slot can be individually set via a control. Often thus can also set whether the entire slot or the adjusted normal range should be heated so that such a model would also be advisable if the household in question would pay particular significance to his individual budget or must even pay attention.

Multifunction toaster for the single household and small kitchens

Multifunction toaster are also available in various shapes and sizes, the attention should however be on the additional functions. So there are, among other multifunction toaster, which can serve as egg cooker or mini grill simultaneously. Anyone interested in such models should best ask in the upscale online retailers or professional stockists, because usually the desired device can be obtained quickly. It should also be noted that such multifunctional toaster can be much more expensive due to its special features, of course, than a simple toaster, which may only be used for the preparation of toast.

Cleaning- sure to look out for

Before you buy a toaster you should think about how to clean, so we will discuss this aspect in the tests of the toaster. Nowadays, many toasters have a crumb tray, this facilitates the cleaning enormously. This has to be only removed and emptied, some are also dishwasher-proof and can still be a thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, the toaster should be regularly cleaned by outsiders.

Because not only are crumbs responsible for pollution but also fats that occur during the heating of the fish fingers or a schnitzel, as many dishes you can now be heated with the toasters. These fats can easily ignite in larger quantities, so the toaster should be cleaned regularly.

The pollution inside of the toaster is not harmful if used regularly. Impurities in the toaster internal that can not be removed through the crumb tray can be removed by a fine natural hair Pastry Brush. Previously, however, the plug should be disconnected.

The housing of the toaster can be cleaned safely with water. However, the other components should not be wet cleaned, especially not the inner region. Does the toaster on any category, the mini vacuum cleaner, which you can also use it for a Computertastur be very helpful.

Mistakes when buying and handling toasters

The purchase of a toaster is a great challenge. Because in addition to the power consumption and the power and the size and weight play a role. In addition there are a number of functions that the toaster has to offer. It often happens that important aspects of buying a toaster are not observed, this is reflected in the handling of the device down. The following are the six biggest mistakes when buying and handling are listed:

Space: A 4-slot toaster which is often needed has, compared to the 2-slot toaster larger dimensions, which first has to find space in the kitchen.
Power consumption: Larger wattage does not necessarily indicate faster roasts out, yet they represent a greater demand for energy.
Children’s service: If the toaster is easy to use, even children can make their breakfast. Thereby lifting functions, an automatic shut off, and a heat-insulating housing are very useful, because it is safer for children.
Adjustable thermostat: Since almost everyone a Different Taste also with respect to the browning of the toast, it is the advantage, if there are different setting options.
Secure cleaning: Before the toaster, whether from outside or inside, to be cleaned, the plug must be pulled before.
Functionality: Before buying, it is advisable to think about the features that are required. For example: width slots for toasting of buns or a warming function.
What safety features should have a toaster?

In view of the desired security functions of the customer so has virtually no room for maneuver and may also request any additional security measures for making toast or reject existing safeguards without giving up the purchase of the toaster as such. In general, the safety features are included due to legal requirements in each device, here especially the overheating protection, the automatic ejection of bread and a unit shutdown due to smoke are the main aspects that are included in most devices. Moreover, it is also understood that the bread slices are automatically toasted from both sides, without any manual contact of the bread is required.

Fire protection

At home, the kitchen is the most common source of fire. The greatest danger that comes from the stove / oven and microwave, as well as through toaster fires can happen. The following measures are shown how a fire is prevented or if the toaster catches fire, it can be deleted.

Fire prevention:

Regular cleaning of the toaster of grease, dirt and the crumb tray
not overwhelm outlet Too many terminals
do not let small children unattended
Smoke Detectors: There are also kitchen Ready smoke detectors
Toaster, offering an automatic switch of warmth or heat insulation, buy
provide toaster to a fire-resistant surface
VDE mark: products with this symbol are tested for electrical safety
Toaster catches fire:

take toaster from the power
Fire extinguishers have to hand, perhaps enough also a fire blanket
Thus, the fire does not spread, close doors and windows
If a metal pail is available, add and close the toaster

In what quality criteria should be taken when buying toasters?

Widespread use should be made clear from the outset here that all have the modern toaster with a very good quality and usually a very well-calculated price level. Nevertheless, the perception of quality is more subjective, because what a customer seems important to the other customers may not care, or in the eyes of another customer even useless ballast, in the final analysis but must be paid never used. However important are various security criteria, such as an automatic shut-off when the toast is done either toasted or the ejection of the slices of bread is not functioning properly and the bread would burn in the toaster.

Known manufacturers and the manufacture of toasters

Customers who were well-known manufacturers and thus also an established brand seem important when making a purchase decision, should stick to the well-known brands and labels. Miele and Phillips for example, offer very high quality and yet inexpensive toaster that have a variety of special functions. however, a multi-function device is searched, so you will also find in the range of these two manufacturers and can select the desired device in almost any established online shop or even in traditional specialist dealers directly. Nevertheless, the choice of a so-called no-name Toasters can be useful when you need to pay attention to the means budget. Allows So what like and what permits its own idea of a good toaster.

Fantoaster for specialists and generalists

In addition, there are of course specific toaster for fans of clubs or music groups or by whomever. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that recommend these devices usually especially for a camping holiday and often have few or no special features. Often, these are very simple and very profane toaster, which are sold as merchandise and cost only a few euros in a rule. Therefore, the fan in the morning while having breakfast his favorite team in mind and can be practically already looking over breakfast at the game of his favorite team or the concert of his favorite band in the evening. There is also nothing that is not there: Starting from BVB to Andrea Berg.

A high quality toaster quickly and simply buy online

Interesting is also the procurement of the desired Toasters, because here the customer or the customer of course also different ways. Among the most popular options counts in the meantime the shopping on the Internet. After all, customers who research online to their desired Toaster, these relate directly to the retailer, manufacturer or a private seller in question. Various benefits are also used, because once a purchase on account is possible in most stores, so that the purchase of high-order models is possible once the budget should be just temporarily, are not themselves transported to other needs of Shopping because the respective delivery service is provided directly to the specified address. We recommend visiting Appliance Authority if you want to find the best toaster in 2020.